Book Lamps

We love to read. One day while browsing the internet I seen a picture of a stack of books turned into a lamp. The light bulb went off! A friend of ours runs a book store that sells $1 books. We made a stop at his store went home and turned some old books into book lamps. And these are some of our favorite projects. Finding something and making it into something beautiful.

Barn Wood Mail Organizer

Our friends Pat and Linda from P&L Rusty Iron, go out west a couple times a year and pick old homesteads bringing back found treasures. While picking through their recent haul, we found some old rusty bins, some barn wood, among other things. We brought everything home and tucked it away in the shop. Like most things I make, I don’t start until I have some sort of vision in my head. How neat would it be to make a mail organizer from the bins and barn wood. The bins are believed to be from an old grain conveyor, lying in a field just rusting away. The barn wood has a beautiful weathered patina. The combination of the bins and wood is gorgeous.

Two seeming ordinary “junky” things wasting away in a field brought together to live another repurposed life. This is why I love what I do and is the spirit behind Maker and Finder. Make. Find. Create.

Sliding Dovetail Wine Box

This was a commissioned piece from a customer who wanted a custom wine box for a birthday present. She gave me an idea of a wine box that she had seen that had a piece come off the side, a key, and that allowed the inner box to slide out. After thinking about it, I had an idea come to mind that involved a sliding dovetail as the key. I set out building this project with just a vision in my head. As the build progressed the more inspired I felt seeing the finished product come together. The inner box is made from aspen and the outer box is made from cherry with black walnut for the feet and sliding dovetail. Our customer said the person receiving the gift really liked lions and we were able to incorporate some lion heads as handles and a pull to pull the inner box out.

I really like starting projects with an idea and setting out to see if I can turn the idea into reality. Sometimes you have to be flexible and be willing to adapt and change but almost all the time the finished product turns out better than expected.

Queen Bed Frame

The inspiration for this piece came from being tired of sleeping on a mattress on the floor. My wife and I ordered a new mattress (GhostBed super awesome by the way no affiliate just giving credit where it is due) a couple of years ago with the intent of me building a bed frame. After years went by and the threat of ordering a bed frame from IKEA the wheels quickly got put into action. I wanted to build a bed with traditional joinery and using no nails or screws. My other criteria was to use a wood that would stand the test of time and did not start with a “P” (sorry pine or pallet wood). The bed is made from 8/4 (1.5”) cherry and the legs are an interlocking half-lap joint. This project was a challenging skill builder and a ton of fun to build. The cherry has already started to deepen in color with time and the thought of this bed being passed down generations as a heirloom piece has been very satisfying. Looks like Koa the shop dog loves it too.